Purple Jeans Clothing Tips

What do we get most excited about in our wardrobe? It's either shoes or bags, right? But do you have the right shoes for your outfits? It might be something to check with your personal shopper.

So why do we love shoes so much?

Ok, I've tried hard to come up with something meaningful for you, but basically, what it boils down to is...

They're just soooo pretty.

Come on. You know it's true. That's the only reason we love them.

Your shoes can make or break an outfit. They either perfectly finish off a stunning evening gown or they clash horribly, making everyone who sees you cry. You don't want that.

Stunning evening gown = good.

Making people cry in horror = bad.

That's why we have to have so many pairs. You have to wear shoes out, but they have to be the right shoes. Like Jimmy Choo. Or Gucci. Don't worry so much about the price tag, just get what you need to look your best. You deserve it.

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